Explore just some of the many uses of BIXSTIX

your little one’s best friend

We love to see our kids having fun, but we also want to protect them and the things around them. Sometimes they drop or knock over our phones, their toys, or grandma's precious plates.

That's why BIXSTIX is the ideal solution to keep everything secure.

Safe while driving

Whether you need to hold your phone, keys, sunglasses, wallet, or anything else, BIXSTIX will make sure they don't slide or fall off your dashboard and create a mess, damage, or distraction.

It can be used on any type of car dashboard, regardless of size or shape, and can be easily removed and cleaned.

BIXSTIX lets you enjoy a tidy and safe driving experience.

Kitchen Protection

BIXSTIX High Friction Pads are made of durable and
waterproof material. It provides high friction traction and stability.

Perfect to keep all things in place and makes cutting food safer as cutting boards don’t shift while being used.

SECURE Workstation

BIXSTIX high friction pads mats are the perfect solution for keeping your work in place while performing various tasks. 

When it comes to grip our mats can handle the forces of rocking, rolling and twisting.

Our mats are durable, reliable, and easy to use and clean.


Sailing can be stressful when you worry about your phone, radio or drink falling on the boat... or worse, end up in the sea. 

BIXSTIX keeps your items secure and stable, so you can enjoy the breeze and the waves without any hassle.


BIXSTIX is a versatile product that can help you in different situations.

Whether you need a safety solution or a handy tool, BIXSTIX has you covered.

You will love how BIXSTIX can transform any place into a more functional and beautiful one.