About us

We are a product developer and exclusive on-line distributor of BixStix products. We handle all the cutting, packaging, and shipping of BixStix products. Our business is based in Massachusetts just like our manufacturer Bixby International.

Bixby International Corporation

BIXSTIX was invented to provide its users with a safe durable material that keeps items in place while in motion. It is made with proprietary compounds and processing methods that deliver a HIGH FRICTION GRIP while not being sticky. This is accomplished with a high surface energy that inhibits objects from easily being moved side to side. There are unlimited uses for BIXSTIX.

BIXSTIX is manufactured in our plant in Newburyport MA. Our company has been in business since its founding in Haverhill, Massachusetts in 1874 by brothers William E. and George H. (Bixby) to service
the footwear industry in the Merrimack Valley of Eastern Massachusetts. 

Expanding from the footwear applications of over 140 years ago, to the many industrial applications developed in the last quarter century, we continue to deliver new technical solutions to major corporations around the globe in industries such as medical, orthopedic, military, recreational, renewable energy, aerospace, and transportation.

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