BIXSTIX Rectangular Place Mat 4 (2 SMALL + 2 LARGE)


2 small rectangles plus 2 larger rectangles.  Bundle price $75 Regular price $90

The only portable, reusable, multi-Purpose non-slip pad you’ll ever need, our BIXSTIX rectangular place mats ensure you can get a grip on anything, anywhere. 

Our BIXSTIX mats stick to flat or curved surfaces and stop objects from slipping at angles up to 60 degrees!

This set includes 2 small rectangle plus 2 larger rectangles.

Approximate sizes of the pads are: 

      • Small Rectangle: 6.5'' x 10''
      • Large Rectangle: 9.75'' x 13''  


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Texture (Small non-slipper)
Texture (Large non-slipper)